Interview Tomorrow Morning on WMBR in Boston

If you’re not sleeping late tomorrow morning, Sunday March 13, you can catch me on “Radio With a View” at 10:30 a.m. on WMBR 88.1 FM in Boston. The show streams live online. The show also will be archived and accessible for two weeks at the station website. You can get in by clicking on “archive” and going to “Radio With a View” for that date. Host Marc Stern is professor of history and chair of the history department at Bentley University. He also is a long-time participant in noncommercial radio in Connecticut and New York. For the past 16 years he has hosted “Radio With a View.”

We’ll be talking about the Voices from the Underground Series, media freeks from the Vietnam era and now, generational commonalities and differences and reasons why, differences between web and print rabble rousing, the meaning of hard copy, and more. We’ll get esoteric at times, concrete at others, depending on how we’re both feeling on a Sunday morning. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you will be, too.

Don’t miss it.

And if you have your own thoughts, feel free to write to me at

Last Thursday’s event (March 3) at Everybody Reads bookstore in Lansing, by the way, was a great success. My thanks to Scott Harris, owner of ER, for hosting the event, and my friend Bill Castanier, who organized the event, as well as the editors and publisher at MSU Press who came to cheer me on. It was a great thrill to see old friends from back when whom I hadn’t seen in many years. One wrote to me the next day,

Being with you at Everybody Reads was a deep treat. I felt about half my age, thank you very much. You did it by your vivacious spirit, as well as reminding me of those “OLD DAYS.” Here is the place in this paragraph where I’d like to be able to print a smiley face. I wish we could place that caption amongst the other “LETTERS” on this “typewriter.” It was so great to see and hear you. I look forward eagerly to seeing you again. Best of everything to you and your sweet wife.”

Another wrote,

It was likewise great to see you and share your glow. Research can be very very lonely and you wonder if anyone really gives a darn about what you’re doing….and then you find ppl in a room who are there because they care… It’s awesome when that happens. 

They looked good. Clearly being a revolutionary helps to tone the skin and keep you looking young. If you’re on the fence, come over to the left side. There’s plenty of work to do. Witness what’s happening in Wisconsin and related Republican-infested states.

I also was honored by the appearance of former students from when I taught at Lansing Community College. One student wrote me afterward,

I was deeply affected by the talk Thursday night, for a few reasons: As you spoke, I reflected on what my life was like from age 18-21 and it was fairly average, unlike yours. I don’t know how you perceive your history, but I saw the events as somewhat rare and exceptional opportunities to be a part of history, and very hard won personal victories you achieved that many people won’t encounter by virtue of the circumstances and the karma they’re experiencing this time around in life. (That’s not a commentary on their efficacy or willingness, just on what might be available to them right now.)

The others in the room also made the aura that evening especially powerful. In a sense, I felt like I was sitting with some very old souls who were placed in this time and space together to do something special as a team, and a silent blood-bond existed there. (Sounds corny—sorry, but I was quite moved, choked up.) I think you all earned your angel wings early in life.

Selling and signing books was nice but seeing everyone, getting to tell stories I had never told before, and then receiving comments like these were the highpoints.

As I gathered up books and flyers at the end of the evening, Scott invited me back after volume 2 comes out. Look forward to seeing folks again at that time. More later.