Getting Psyched for Day Two in Rome

I awoke to the incessant chatter of our neighbors on the other side of paper-thin walls. I could hear every word of their conversation but I couldn’t understand any part of it as it was all in Chinese.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. I thought it was because I was hyped from the trip. Then I realized it was because of the cappuccino I had had last night at dinner. I never drink coffee. Or I drink it morning to night every day. It depends on where I am in my regular coffee cycle. I haven’t had any coffee since Emily and I began the alkaline diet in May.

I won’t go into detail here on the alkaline diet. Briefly, the theory behind it is that diseases can’t live in an alkaline body but our bodies are essentially acidic because of the foods we consume and the stress we put our bodies through. So, to bring your body to an alkaline state, you give up acidic foods and you de-stress. Since May we’ve given up meat (not a challenge; we’re already vegetarians), dairy, eggs, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, wheat, caffeine ….

Basically, we’re vegans with the occasional salmon once or twice a week. Although it’s called the alkaline diet, it isn’t a diet to lose weight like the Weight Watchers diet. Nevertheless each of us has lost about twenty pounds since we began. I’ve lost two inches on my waist. We feel great.

One reason we’ve been successful is that we aren’t neurotic about it. Although we’re generally strict about what we eat, we allow for exceptions. We’ve designated Italy to be a long exception. Yesterday that included pizza, plenty of wine, bread, pasta with clam sauce, dessert after dinner, and gelato on the way back to the hotel.

I look forward to my alkaline pizza today.

We’ve determined that, because today is our only full day in Rome, we’ll do the bus tour at 18 Euros per person. As I looked at my laptop clock and saw that it was just past 7 a.m., I looked forward to a full day. Then I remembered that my clock is still on Ann Arbor time. It’s already past noon in Rome. Emily just woke up. I guess we can skip breakfast. It’s straight to the pizza.