Harvey Wasserman Brings Nuke-Free, Frack-Free Vision to Ann Arbor on Sunday 9/27

I’m honored to be hosting my friend Harvey Wasserman this weekend as he visits Ann Arbor to take part in the Michigan Daily reunion. As a special bonus to Ann Arbor-area residents, he will be speaking on Sunday about the movement to halt Fermi 3 and ban fracking. Harvey is an adviser to Greenpeace USA and is recognized worldwide as a visionary of the anti-nuke movement.

Ever hear the expression “No nukes!”? Simple but concise. That was Harvey’s. He also wrote the story of Liberation News Service, the AP-UPI of the underground press, for my Voices from the Underground Series.

Details below in the press release. Please do plan to join us.

Special thanks to the Alliance to Halt Fermi 3, which did most of the organizing for this event; and the Ecology Center for hosting it.


* * *

Harvey Wasserman will present “Making Michigan Nuke-Free and Frack-Free: Getting to Solartopia” on Sunday, September 27 from 1-3 pm at the Ecology Center in downtown Ann Arbor. This timely event is free and open to the public. Co-sponsors include the Alliance to Halt Fermi 3, the Ecology Center, the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan, Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group, and Public Citizens of Washtenaw.

Joining Harvey will be Peggy Daub and Keith Gunter. Peggy is co-coordinator for the Washtenaw County group of the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan. She will be talking about the anti-fracking movement in Michigan and the petition drive to put a fracking ban on the statewide ballot. Keith is co-founding member and current board co-chair of the Alliance to Halt Fermi 3. He will be talking about the anti-nuke movement in Michigan.

One of the best-kept secrets in Southeastern Michigan is that DTE is the only utility in the entire Midwest with a license to build a new nuclear power plant, Fermi 3. As we thankfully close several dirty coal plants and plan to meet the President’s Clean Power Plan to address the global climate crisis, we are at a historic crossroads and must make a collective choice–we will either spend $10-20 billion on Fermi 3 or we will make a historic commitment to solar, wind, and efficiency. Renewables are a far better climate strategy: quicker, cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable as nukes can be shut down at any time due to safety concerns. DTE wants to make this decision behind closed doors–it has already spent $100 million of ratepayer monies on paperwork and licensing fees without telling its customers. We need to force DTE to come clean and listen to its customers.

The oil and gas industry is not-so-secretly trying to extract every available fossil fuel out of the ground regardless of its impact on families and communities. High-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing–commonly known as fracking–is a relatively new technique for extracting oil and gas using millions of gallons of water and sand mixed with toxic chemicals, and then blasting the mixture underground under intense pressure to break up the subsurface rock formations to release oil and gas. We already have fracking in Michigan and the oil and natural gas companies want to expand it throughout the state. There is ample scientific evidence that this technology is inherently unsafe and destructive to human health and the environment. Only a ban can protect us.

Harvey Wasserman, a historian and adviser to Greenpeace USA, has been a leading visionary of the anti-nuclear power movement since the 1970s. He also created the vision of Solartopia, a democratic and socially just green-powered Earth free of all fossil and nuclear fuels. Harvey graduated from the University of Michigan in 1967 and was editor of the Michigan Daily. He helped found the legendary antiwar Liberation News Service, the AP-UPI of the underground press. He has written more than ten books, and edits nukefree.org which posts cutting-edge articles on nuclear power and green energy.

The Ecology Center is located at 339 E. Liberty Street, Suite 300, in downtown Ann Arbor. Convenient parking is available at the Liberty Square Parking Structure with the entrance at 510 E. Washington Street. Light refreshments will be served, and donations will be accepted.