Burnout Day; Make Friends over Drinks

Sunday 2/19/17

Burnout day today, chance to readjust to six-hour time change, early morning wake-ups in Madrid, then long drive to Marbesa, where we’re staying, to west of Malaga. Good day to check out the local TV stations.

But four controls? Why so many? Emily tackles the challenge of sorting out the TV controls from the video controls. Turns on the tube, fuzzy background, but can’t get a picture despite half hour effort.

My turn. First, you know we’re in trouble when technological challenge depends on me. I tackle puzzle of four controls. Get it to fuzzy picture, no further, after half hour.

Ask at front desk. Promise to send someone over in hour. Two hours later he comes. Looks behind the set. Vital cord unplugged. Takes two controls and says, “No estan necesario.” Uses other two to bring picture.

Watch a half hour of TV in German. Did we understand any of it? No, except that we knew it was the German version of American Idol and the one singer we saw got all no votes.

* * *

Breakfast at the local restaurants ends at 11. Then the kitchen shuts down until 12:30. It ends at 3, then reopens for dinner at 7.

Before dinner we swim laps in the indoor pool with a guy from Poland. We arrive for dinner before kitchen is open but it’s happy hour so we order wine apiece. Emily goes to bar at five minutes to 7 to get us second glass apiece before happy hour ends. Strikes up conversation with couple living in Canary Islands: Elin, native of Finland, and Patricio, native of Chile. As we’re drinking at our table, Elin comes over and asks if they can join us because she could sense our good vibes. Bond over five wines and a glass of Baily’s. Going with them to Gibraltar and Ronda on Tuesday.

* *  *

Quick note about security. I don’t know if there was a terrorist attack in Malaga in the past decade but it takes us four keys to enter the apartment. One opens the gate to the section where a dozen apartments are situated. At our apartment, another opens a steel door that at home we would call a screen door but here has no screen. A third opens the inside door to the apartment. The fourth, along with one of the first three, opens a second door that we can enter without going through the gate. When the door closes, we’re locked in. We have to go through the process in reverse with the keys to get out.

We have one set of keys. If I leave the room without Emily, she has to either wait for me to return or leave on her own but not be able to lock from the outside.

Takes some getting used to as we synchronize our movements.