On the Road to Spain

W 2/15/17

On the road to Spain today to celebrate an amazing forty years being with Emily (who also is coming). Two days in Madrid, then Malaga, which will be our base for the next week.

Hooking up with extended family from the Netherlands, Harrie and Sonja, whom we haven’t seen since we traveled together in Italy three years ago.

U.S. friends, take care of the country for us until we get back. Keep the borders open. I don’t want to get sent back to Galicia or Austria-Hungary, countries of origin that no longer exist.

“You Don’t Want to Know”

Long-time Panera regular comes by to shake my hand and wish me good morning. Says Shalom because she knows we’re both Jewish. Cups my right hand warmly with both of hers and smiles, then moves on to next table.

Makes the rounds greeting regulars and first-timers: old couple sitting side by side eating oatmeal and drinking coffee, four concerned citizens parsing the week’s events.

“Where have you been?” the old man asks. “We missed you,” his wife adds.

“You don’t want to know,” she answers, then adds, “You missed me like a cold.”

The First to Know

She studied so hard under the watchful guidance of her tutor. Math was a stickler subject but so was science. She prepped for her grad school exams, took her grad school exams, and failed her grad school exams. She prepped again, took them again, failed them again. Then she prepped for them once more.

In time we became Panera friends and I learned that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother and become a scientist. I became a source of encouragement.

Today she approached me quietly but excitedly. I felt her approaching presence and looked up from my screen. She whispered, “I just wanted you to be the first to know: I passed.”

She hurried off to the restroom as I called, “I’m proud of you.”

Crack Team of Digitizers Preserving Music History

Do you miss those cutting-edge hip hop and rap magazines from the eighties and nineties?

Does your favorite academic library have incomplete runs of your favorite rock and folk music magazines and the pages are torn or missing?

For the past seven years, I have been on a crack team of digitizers at sister companies Reveal Digital and NA Publishing who are creating amazing collections of exact digital reproductions of important political and cultural newspapers and magazines from the nineteen fifties onward (with a few that dip into the forties). I’m the guy who figures out who the rights holders are, then researches how to contact them or their heirs and invites them to include their publications in the collections.

Our goals are to preserve these publications, which too often yellow around the edges and crumble as they age; and to make them accessible to current and future readers, for whom if it isn’t in electronic form it doesn’t exist.

Underground Press

Our premier collection was the landmark Independent Voices, which, when it is finished, will include some 1,000 underground, alternative, and literary newspapers and magazines from the fifties through the eighties, encompassing the Civil Rights and Vietnam era antiwar and liberation movements.





Rock Music Magazines

Our current series is of music magazines. The Rock collection is complete with minor exceptions, including sourcing of a few remaining issues of CREEM.



Folk Music Magazines

Folk, including Sing Out!, Broadside, People’s Songs Bulletin, and others, is smaller than Rock but scanning and digitizing continue and it is growing. We’d still like to add a few titles.




If you loved the music, check out the magazines in our collection that covered it:

username: sales@napubco.com
password: Seeger

Hip Hop and Rap Music Magazines

Next is Hip Hop and Rap. We’re still in the crucial rights-gathering stage. Current and former hip hop and rap editors and publishers:

  • Would you like your magazine to be digitized at no cost to you?
  • Would you like to receive keyword-searchable digital files to put up on your website at no cost to you?

Then email me today at ken@azenphonypress.com and let’s talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Survivors of Clinton Defeat Meet at Panera

Survivors of Clinton defeat meet at Panera, still stunned after week but determined, waiting for lunches to arrive.

First declares week long enough to mourn. Time to assess what went wrong and move on. “Our resolve, our courage, our love all are being tested,” she says. “If love is politically correct, then let’s celebrate political correctness, not run from it.”

Second reflects on mood of country and concludes: “Hatred and cowardice won this time around, even though love had more votes. Let’s find strength in that fact.”

First imagines good folks who worshipped Trump when they realize he used them to get what he wants and doesn’t need them anymore: “They’re going to be real disappointed.”

“How can we do outreach to them on issues where we share common ground?” asks second. “That’s our challenge as we build new coalitions and a better community.”

Floor staff person brings lunches, soup and salad for her, soup and sandwich for him.

I Felt a Shiver

Dateline Ann Arbor, Temple Beth Emeth ballroom: I arrived at 6:35 a.m. I was the thirteenth in line. Seven more followed immediately behind me.

I felt a shiver as I waited and it wasn’t from the cold and I recognized it as being either because I was going to vote for the first woman president or because I was going to vote against the first possibly certifiable lunatic. As a country, we’ve got our work cut out for us after the election no matter who wins.

When the polls opened at 7, sixty voters stood behind me. By the time I left, the line extended around the hallway toward the sanctuary.

Relief that it’s over. How can we best prepare for the next phase?

Rock, Folk, and Hip Hop/Rap Music Fans, This One’s for You

I’m pleased to introduce you to NA Publishing’s new digital collection of ROCK music magazines, the first in NA Publishing’s new Music Magazine Archive (MMA) Series.

Rock Music

MMA: Rock is a cutting-edge collection of keyword-searchable exact digital reproductions of rock music magazines from the latter half of the last century onward, scanned and digitized from the originals in partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Bowling Green State University’s popular culture library with support from a growing team of sourcing libraries.

Titles on board so far include The Bob, CREEM, Fusion, Jazz & Pop, Maximum Rocknroll, OP, Option, RayGun, Royal’s World Countdown, Slash, Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press/Trouser Press, Under the Radar, World Countdown.

If you know rock music, you know these magazines.

You won’t find a more dynamic collection anywhere with the exception of—no, there are no exceptions. This is it.

Here’s all the information you need to know to sample it for free for the next month, until November 18:


username: sales@napubco.com

password: Stones [updated password through 2016: Seeger]

Enjoy it and share it widely. Our goal is to go into complete open access, which means anyone can search it at any time of day every day from anywhere in the world using any search engine.

But we aren’t there yet. First we have to cover our costs. Are you a librarian with an interest in music and an open access consciousness? Write to me at ken@azenphonypress.com and let me show you how you can support this amazing resource.

Folk Music

FOLK music fans, your collection is next.

Titles on board so far include Americana Rhythm Music Magazine, Broadside (Boston)/Broadside of Boston/Broadside and the Free Press, Broadside (New York), The Canada Folk Bulletin, Come All Ye, Dirty Linen, Fairport Fanatics, FolkWorks, Hootenanny, HOT WIRE: The Journal of Women’s Music and Culture, The Little Sandy Review, Old-Time Herald, Paid My Dues, People’s Songs Bulletin, Sing and String, Sing Out!/Sing Out Bulletin, and Singalong!

Again: most dynamic; no exceptions. If you’re a Folkie, you know what I’m saying.

Hip Hop and Rap Music

Now we’re working on our third collection in the Music Magazine Archive Series, this one of Hip Hop and Rap music magazines from the 1980s to the present. We need help. (Karmically, the Beatles’ “Help” just began playing on Pandora as I was typing the word.)

HHR editors, publishers, and owners, we’re just getting started but it’s easy to tell from a casual Internet search that your fans are hungry for past issues of their favorite titles. You can make it happen but you have to contact me so you can give me permission. We won’t include your title otherwise.

I describe MMA: Hip Hop and Rock (HHR) here. Learn the rewards you receive for coming on board. Then email me at ken@azenphonypress.com. Let’s make it happen.

Vietnam Era Underground Press

My background is the Vietnam era underground press. I saw these papers being disappeared from history after the war ended and was inspired to compile the four-volume Voices from the Underground Series. Then, working with Reveal Digital, NA Publishing’s sister company, I created Independent Voices, a digital collection of over a thousand underground, alternative, and literary newspapers and magazines from the fifties through the eighties.

HHR friends, MMA: Hip Hop and Rap is equally as important for your generation as Independent Voices was for mine. I am impassioned by that belief.

If you agree and can give permission for your magazine to be included or introduce me to someone who can, email me today so that I can answer your questions and extend a formal invitation.

I look forward to hearing from you.