Ken’s Book on How to Write a Book Now Available as Preorder

Azenphony Press is pleased to announce that Ken Wachsberger’s latest book, You’ve Got the Time; How to Write and Publish That Book in You, is now available for preorder purchase in ebook format. The soft cover preorder offer will be available this coming fall.

By purchasing your ebook preorder now, you reserve your copy at the low price of $2.99, a 25% savings. Your credit card will not be charged until the book is released in early 2020. You will receive your copy that day.

According to Ken, You’ve Got the Time is “the antidote for the oldest excuse for not writing a book in the book. If you’ve got the passion for your idea, you’ve got the time to write your book.”

You’ve Got the Time teaches you how to

  • Create order and make sense out of the ideas that are already swirling around in your mind
  • Name your  files—including chapter and manuscript drafts, web text, freewriting adventures, spreadsheets, and more; as well as  correspondence  with typesetters, artists, printers, web developers, editors, experts, celebrities, and  other industry experts—so you can find them when you need them
  • Prepare for and conduct expert interviews so you can sound like an authority even when you know you aren’t one.
  • Make your prose flow like poetry even if you are weak in mechanics, grammar, and spelling.
  • Track down and reach out to experts and celebrities whose forewords and testimonials will give your book credibility and marketability
  • Negotiate a book contract with knowledge and confidence
  • Build your income stream by thinking like a bestseller—whether or not your book makes a list
  • Prepare yourself and your loved ones for that time when finishing your book takes over your life, and your precious time with them is threatened

In addition, you learn everything you need to know about designing your cover; obtaining your ISBN, barcode, copyright, and index; coding your files for upload to ebook, POD, and audio; and more.

Award-winning author/editor/book coach Ken Wachsberger has been creating articles, stories, and internationally praised, single-, double-, and multi-volume books for fifty years. He is a lifelong educator, member of National Speakers Association and National Writers Union, and renowned expert on helping writers to negotiate book publishing contracts.

For coaching, editing, and speaking, Ken may be reached at; 734 635 0577;,,

Azenphony Press was founded in 1987 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Preorder your ebook copy here today and get 25% off cover price.


Turning Seventy

Vigil in Ann Arbor

Today I turned seventy.

Six days ago I joined between 300 and 400 fellow Ann Arborites and friends for a vigil at the Ann Arbor Federal Building to bring attention to the deportation of refugees and the conditions at the detention centers. We were one of 743 vigils that took place all over the country and around the world, 26 in Michigan alone.

Among the participants were many young people, my intergenerational peers, who are the age now that my peers and I were in the sixties and seventies when we organized successfully for Civil Rights and against the Vietnam War. The Movement is in good hands. I saw old friends, including one who helped me bring collective bargaining to Eastern Michigan University adjunct faculty over twenty years ago, the first labor union for adjuncts in the state of Michigan.


We heard powerful speeches and inspiring stories. One of my biggest complaints with the vigil was the absence of today’s songs to action. But I was inspired by “This Little Light of Mine” and “I Shall Be Released,” two powerful songs from my era. I could barely sing along as I choked back tears. Then one young immigrant girl read a poem as the crowd wept.


The signs depicted a rich community of peace and love. The term “concentration camp” was used freely but not ubiquitously to describe the detention centers. As an American Jew with as much Holocaust street cred as any other American Jew, I am not hung up over the term or possessive of its use anywhere outside World War II Europe, as some appear to be, It does no disrespect to the six million, including many of my own relatives, who perished in what my Great Uncle Mortsie referred to as “the tsouris.” which loosely means “pain in the butt.”

Are today’s camps as bad as the Holocaust camps at their worst? Obviously no right now. No one, to our general knowledge, is being gassed or incinerated.

But we are moving in that direction as deaths increase at the camps, family separations continue, and the First Amendment is attacked as the enemy of the people. Now is the time to employ the full strength and impact of our noble legacy to help put a stop to it. Never again.

Still Protesting and Loving Fifty Years Later

That was six days ago. Today I turned seventy. I can’t believe I’m still protesting and organizing. Next year will be fifty years since my first political arrest during the Kent State demonstrations. When you do time in solitary confinement, it changes your world perspective, even if it is only overnight and for something as innocuous as not signing your fingerprints. I’ve been an activist ever since.

Personally, I’ve fallen and gotten back up. I’m grateful for an overall joyous, meaningful life and am still looking ahead to new adventures. Emily and I are celebrating our fortieth year of marriage. (Has anyone alive not seen our pictures from Alaska?) I love my immediate family, my extended family, my personal and political friends, and my new business associates. At a time when my high school classmates are retiring, I’m starting a new career as a book coach, editor, and speaker, and I’m having the best time I’ve had in years.

Ken’s New Book

The ebook version of my new book, You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You, is now available at a special preorder price. The softcover version will be available for preorder in November. If you’re even thinking about writing a book or know someone who is, get both versions so it’s always accessible. I’ve shared a ton of information, told some good stories, interviewed experts when they knew more than I did on any topic, and responded to critics of earlier drafts.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life. Despite the tsouris that we always will have to deal with, life is good if you keep the vision and laugh often.

The ebook version of my new book, is now available at a special preorder price.