Rock, Folk, and Hip Hop/Rap Music Fans, This One’s for You

I’m pleased to introduce you to NA Publishing’s new digital collection of ROCK music magazines, the first in NA Publishing’s new Music Magazine Archive (MMA) Series.

Rock Music

MMA: Rock is a cutting-edge collection of keyword-searchable exact digital reproductions of rock music magazines from the latter half of the last century onward, scanned and digitized from the originals in partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Bowling Green State University’s popular culture library with support from a growing team of sourcing libraries.

Titles on board so far include The Bob, CREEM, Fusion, Jazz & Pop, Maximum Rocknroll, OP, Option, RayGun, Royal’s World Countdown, Slash, Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press/Trouser Press, Under the Radar, World Countdown.

If you know rock music, you know these magazines.

You won’t find a more dynamic collection anywhere with the exception of—no, there are no exceptions. This is it.

Here’s all the information you need to know to sample it for free for the next month, until November 18:


password: Stones [updated password through 2016: Seeger]

Enjoy it and share it widely. Our goal is to go into complete open access, which means anyone can search it at any time of day every day from anywhere in the world using any search engine.

But we aren’t there yet. First we have to cover our costs. Are you a librarian with an interest in music and an open access consciousness? Write to me at and let me show you how you can support this amazing resource.

Folk Music

FOLK music fans, your collection is next.

Titles on board so far include Americana Rhythm Music Magazine, Broadside (Boston)/Broadside of Boston/Broadside and the Free Press, Broadside (New York), The Canada Folk Bulletin, Come All Ye, Dirty Linen, Fairport Fanatics, FolkWorks, Hootenanny, HOT WIRE: The Journal of Women’s Music and Culture, The Little Sandy Review, Old-Time Herald, Paid My Dues, People’s Songs Bulletin, Sing and String, Sing Out!/Sing Out Bulletin, and Singalong!

Again: most dynamic; no exceptions. If you’re a Folkie, you know what I’m saying.

Hip Hop and Rap Music

Now we’re working on our third collection in the Music Magazine Archive Series, this one of Hip Hop and Rap music magazines from the 1980s to the present. We need help. (Karmically, the Beatles’ “Help” just began playing on Pandora as I was typing the word.)

HHR editors, publishers, and owners, we’re just getting started but it’s easy to tell from a casual Internet search that your fans are hungry for past issues of their favorite titles. You can make it happen but you have to contact me so you can give me permission. We won’t include your title otherwise.

I describe MMA: Hip Hop and Rock (HHR) here. Learn the rewards you receive for coming on board. Then email me at Let’s make it happen.

Vietnam Era Underground Press

My background is the Vietnam era underground press. I saw these papers being disappeared from history after the war ended and was inspired to compile the four-volume Voices from the Underground Series. Then, working with Reveal Digital, NA Publishing’s sister company, I created Independent Voices, a digital collection of over a thousand underground, alternative, and literary newspapers and magazines from the fifties through the eighties.

HHR friends, MMA: Hip Hop and Rap is equally as important for your generation as Independent Voices was for mine. I am impassioned by that belief.

If you agree and can give permission for your magazine to be included or introduce me to someone who can, email me today so that I can answer your questions and extend a formal invitation.

I look forward to hearing from you.