What journals do you recall fondly or still read?

Would you like to be able to view

  • exact keyword-searchable digital reproductions
  • of their complete runs
  • for free on the Internet
  • anywhere in the world
  • at any time of day
  • every day of the year
  • from any search engine?

You Can Make It Happen

You can make it happen but I need to hear from you.

An emerging cutting-edge, open access, digital collection of hip hop and rap magazines from the mid-eighties to the present is now in the rights-gathering stage at NA Publishing. Who do you know who used to or still does publish a hip hop or rap magazine that is significant to you?

Please introduce me to them so that I can invite them to become part of the collection.

The initial collection will consist of 75,000 pages of exact keyword-searchable digital reproductions of the originals. The number of titles that represents will be determined by

  • which publishers take advantage of the unique opportunity to have their complete runs scanned, digitized, and posted on their websites for free;
  • the total number of pages in the complete runs of those titles.

Hip Hop and Rap is the third collection in NA Publishing’s new Music Magazine Archive Series. The first two are comparably sized and each has 13 titles:

  • Rock: including arguably the most significant rock music magazine of the sixties and seventies: CREEM.
  • Folk: going back to Pete Seeger’s People’s Songs Bulletin and Sing Out!.

Upcoming collections will feature magazines devoted to punk, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, teen music, and other genres.

Make It Happen

To learn more about how you can be part of Hip Hop and Rap, send me your email address today to @KenWachsberger or so that I can send you more information and answer your questions.