Major Book Launch for Former Rockette Dancer Kristi Davis: You’re Invited


I’m so pleased to invite you to the book launch for Kristi Davis’ new memoir, Long Legs and Tall Tales: A Showgirl’s Wacky, Sexy Journey to the Playboy Mansion and the Radio City Rockettes.

Kristi_Cover_V2_Final copy


Here’s the information that you need to know to get you there on time:

Location: Arbor Brewery

Address: 114 East Washington, in downtown Ann Arbor

Date: Sunday February 21

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.



Kristi is a friend of mine. She was a student who I guided through the process of book writing and publishing so that she could share her story.

She also is a funny woman (picture high heel soaring over the heads of audience members) and a naturally excellent writer whose work was a joy to edit.

Kristi is a former dancer with the Rockettes. Yes, those Rockettes. I saw them live once years ago, before Kristi was even born, when my dad brought me with him to New York for a business trip and took me to see them at Radio City Music Hall after dinner on our first night there. Recalling their high kicks, feather boas, and fishnet stockings today still connects me to a magical moment of my childhood.

So forgive me my flash of groupieness but the moment I met Kristi at a National Speakers Association of Michigan meeting I said to her, “You’ve got to write your book.” As it turns out, she had already begun recording the backstage anecdotes of her career and the childhood experiences that got her there. She had reread passages from her journal to stir her memory further. But her book’s progress was for the time at a frustrating standstill. Working with me, she navigated around her head trips and overcame hurdles that stood in the way of her writing and publishing her story. So I’m especially excited to finally see her finished book. I was honored to be a part of it.

Kristi’s story includes her global travels with Playboy’s Girls of Rock & Roll, her performance as one of two singer-dancers on stage with Buddy Ebsen, performing on a cruise ship around Alaska, her time first dancing with and years later teaching the famed Rockettes, in Las Vegas and in New York, and more. At the same time, she shares her early aspirations as “a naïve, goodie two-shoes, Midwestern bumpkin” in Dearborn, Michigan; her self-doubts that conspired to keep her from pursuing her dreams; and how she overcame them.

Famed director, choreographer, and tap dancer Maurice Hines was invited to choreograph a show for the Rockettes in Las Vegas. The show began with the spotlight on Maurice and two of the Rockettes, who performed a dance with him and then returned to the chorus line. One of the two Rockettes was Kristi. Here’s what Maurice said about Long Legs and Tall Tales:

When I was asked to write a foreword for this wonderful book, it brought back all the joy I had choreographing and getting to know Kristi Davis and the fabulous Rockettes. Since then, I’ve choreographed for many, many dancers but I must say Kristi and the Rockettes were and still are some of the best all-around dancers I’ve ever worked with. Pure joy, that’s the only way I can explain how I felt walking into the rehearsal room and seeing those wonderful dancers all warmed up and ready to dance their hearts out. A choreographer’s dream.

Kristi Davis was special in that, even though she knew how to blend in as the Rockette dancers are trained to do, individual charisma will always shine through. Ms. Davis was certainly one of those dancers. You will experience that love and charisma in every page of her story, Long Legs and Tall Tales. I’m proud to have been asked to be a part of Kristi’s dancing life.

Kristi, you’re fabulous!

Paige O’Hara, who is the voice of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, said:

I love this book! A highlight of my career was performing with the Rockettes! I was constantly amazed and awed by their total perfection!! They made me improve my performance out of sheer admiration. No one has ever captured that drive, with all of the behind-the-scenes humor and angst, like Kristi Davis. Her story shows the heartfelt and funny life journey of a dancer. I laughed and I cried and I couldn’t put it down. A must read!!! …

You heard it: It’s a must-read. And Kristi’s a must-see. So if you’re in town, please join us on Sunday, February 21, at Arbor Brewery, 114 East Washington in downtown Ann Arbor, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. If you can’t make it, you can still order her book through Smashwords (e-book) or Amazon (e-book and print).

As a bonus opportunity to be part of the celebration even if you can’t attend the party, the Kindle e-book, which usually sells for $9.99, will be on sale for $2.99 on Launch Day only.

You can find more information about Kristi and her book at