Dumbest Mother in the World

Okay, from the Dumbest Mother in the World Department:

Just came from Whole Foods with Emily, David, and Carrie, last-minute shopping for tomorrow. As we were getting ready to drive away, we noticed that in the next car an infant and a young child were sitting in the back seat.

Emily, who works for the Children’s Trust Fund of Michigan, the agency that works to prevent child abuse and neglect, was furious. She thought: “Should we just leave or should I wait and say something?” She almost drove away but her commitment to her job and her own level of morality applied the brake.

Not long after, the mother returned. Emily got out of the car and told her that what she had done was wrong and was in fact illegal. The mother defended herself by saying that she kept the kids in the car because they had colds.

“So you left them in a cold car?” Emily said.

The mother replied, “They were warm. I left the motor going so the heat could be on.” Which meant that the keys were in the car and the door was unlocked.

Emily started to explain the many ways the mother had screwed up but the mother interrupted her: “I don’t have time to talk. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Happy Thanksgiving,” Emily returned. To us, she said, “What she did was illegal. She could be arrested.”

But David was optimistic: “Look at it this way. If it wasn’t for mothers like her, you wouldn’t have a job.”