Obama, the zen master

New theory on Obama’s rush to war: Obama is the zen master. To get what he wants, he goes in the opposite direction. He wants peace and knows that a strike of any magnitude at this time is morally, economically, and strategically asinine. But he also knows that the Republicans will oppose anything he tries to do, so he pushes for war. The harder he pushes for war, the harder Republicans oppose him (not  including the neocons, who masturbate to war fantasies). If all goes according to plan, the Republican peace advocates (see Webster for “oxymoron”) will win the day and we will not strike Syria. Obama will take a hit in the press and from the Republicans, especially the Palin-Limbaugh wing, but he will have avoided war without being able to be accused of being “soft on terrorism,” a label the Republicans will no longer be able to toss around because it will have become a boomerang that will come back to smack them in the face.

Now if Obama would only start pushing for lower taxes for the rich, more fossil fuel usage, a prohibition against unions, and an end to Social Security, we’d all be sitting pretty.

2 Responses

  1. But, Ken, as I think about no war, and God must be on our side b/c he stopped it, I feel as helpless as I did in ’72 when innocents were slaughtered in a game of nations. I wake up gasping for breath; and I think of gas in the suburbs of Damascus.

    I do not want war and I do not want babies being gassed. It seems like the US can do one or the other but not both. As a citizen I find it frustrating. As a human I find it hard to accept.

  2. It’s an ugly dichotomy where both sides are bad and the innocents are caught in the middle. But we know that a limited strike will not stop the war or even slow it down. It will just kill more innocents. Further, we don’t have a side to back anyhow and we won’t until we make contact with the small minority who are pushing for a democratic state. We need to stop selling weapons and get the other major suppliers to stop. It can happen if we want it to. At the same time, we have to start working for peace through dialogue, just like we wanted in ’72. The dialogue has to include the nations that have the major stake in the outcome, including Russia and Iran. There is much that can be done before we start dropping more bombs. These comments sparked an interesting discussion on my Facebook page. Check it out. And thanks for your comments.

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