Wachsberger’s Theory of Visualization Proves Worthy

Wachsberger’s Theory of Visualization has proven worthy. Emily has been wanting me to cut some tree branches that droop over the driveway so low that they scrape against the roof of the car when we drive in. I said, “It’ll happen. Visualize.”

This morning, Ann Arbor city workers were on our street repairing broken sidewalk squares as I was coming home from a meeting. One said to me, “Would you mind if we cut some of these branches so we can operate our equipment without interference?” I said, “Knock yourself out but don’t tell my wife. I’ll let her think I did it.”

So if you see Emily, don’t tell her what happened. Just remind her to visualize.


Ken Observes 9-11 by Calling His Representatives

On this remembrance of 9-11, what better way to observe the unprovoked invasion of our country by one from the Mideast than by not committing an unprovoked invasion of another country from the Mideast by our country?

Called my Southeast Michigan representatives this afternoon:

  • Rep. John Dingell: I told a staff member I opposed war and said there were lots of other options before war became the answer. He took down my name and address but didn’t say where Dingell stood.
  •  Sen. Carl Levin: I said the same to Levin’s staff member. The staff member noted that the senate vote had been pushed back. Levin was looking to see if Syria would be serious about Russia’s offer to put their chemical weapons under international control. Further, Levin didn’t believe we would have gotten to this point without the threat of force. The staff member said Levin is hoping for a diplomatic resolution but didn’t say anything about if or when Levin believed military force would be necessary.
  •  Sen. Debbie Stabenow: I said the same to Stabenow’s staff member. He said with Obama’s speech last night, they’re pushing back the vote. So she hasn’t made a decision yet. He took down my name and address.

I don’t always believe that our representatives are listening to us but in this case I do. But only if lots of voices continue to say no to war and we cry far louder than the neocons and the murder industry.

Obama, the zen master

New theory on Obama’s rush to war: Obama is the zen master. To get what he wants, he goes in the opposite direction. He wants peace and knows that a strike of any magnitude at this time is morally, economically, and strategically asinine. But he also knows that the Republicans will oppose anything he tries to do, so he pushes for war. The harder he pushes for war, the harder Republicans oppose him (not  including the neocons, who masturbate to war fantasies). If all goes according to plan, the Republican peace advocates (see Webster for “oxymoron”) will win the day and we will not strike Syria. Obama will take a hit in the press and from the Republicans, especially the Palin-Limbaugh wing, but he will have avoided war without being able to be accused of being “soft on terrorism,” a label the Republicans will no longer be able to toss around because it will have become a boomerang that will come back to smack them in the face.

Now if Obama would only start pushing for lower taxes for the rich, more fossil fuel usage, a prohibition against unions, and an end to Social Security, we’d all be sitting pretty.