Emily’s Wedding Song to Me

By popular demand, following are the words of the song that Emily wrote to me for our wedding 34 years ago today. She sang it to me at the open mic at our reception after I recited “The Ballad of Ken and Emily,” the poem that tells the story of how we met. She still sounded like an angel when she sang it to me today (April 7 even though the blog post shows April 8 as the entry date).

I Take Thee

© by Emily Schuster-Wachsberger

I take thee my love

I promise to spend my life near you

And to be with you

I don’t know all the feelings

I don’t even know all the words

And I can’t express the feelings

All I know is that I love you

Yes, I know

This is right now

The time for us is now

And forever

Happiness is what you give me

Worthy is what I’ll try to be

In love is how my eyes shall see

All I know is that I love you

As we stand here all alone my love

With the people we hold most dear

We continue down our path of love

Telling them what we’ve already known so long

This path of life together is ours

As separates, as equals, together as one

I take thee my love

I will be there when you need care

Yes, I will always be there

Come to me when your world aches

Lean on me when you have to

Hold me tight and we won’t be scared

You are my life and I love you

Yes, I love you

And I love you