In case you’re looking for a new career—Part 2

I really enjoyed my time as a chicken farmer. Unfortunately I made a poultry living.

There are a lot of fears being spread about the airline profession but they’re all groundless.

I was certain my plans to live and work by Niagara Falls were concrete but they turned out to be Maid of Mist.

I almost got stuck working as a haberdasher but I got out just in time. It was sew clothes.

They say the odds are against my becoming the next pope but my game plan is to remain positive and do vatican.

The pressure was too great when I worked at the puzzle factory. I fell to pieces.

I did such a good job taking care of the elephants when I worked at the zoo, and I really enjoyed it. Then my boss made a mistake, blamed me, and I got fired. Shame on him. Tusk-tusk.