A Day at Jones Beach with Emily

Beautiful day at Jones Beach. Reminds me I could lose 10 pounds. Cool waves, hot lady beside me, clear nasal passages. Only the freckles on my arms keep me from being the whitest man visible for miles. Okay maybe 20 pounds. Waves too mild to body surf so we let them splash across our bodies, then dive into them to get our hair wet.

Lying on our blankets surrounded by white sand. A family next to us is arguing. Emily comments that she misses New York small talk. Slips into New York accent, says she loves the “waw-ta.” Hispanic family taking photographs of each other until little kid says, “Now swimming.” I only know that because Emily eavesdrops in Spanish. We roll over onto our stomachs to dry off our suits before the trip back to Forest Hills. Emily says, “Time to dry the back of our butts.” I say, “What’s the front of our butts?” Emily says, “Actually the front is the back.” We are silent for the next five minutes as a tribute to profundity.

Okay, maybe 30 pounds.